GEORGE TOWN, Jul 3 – Students of Diploma in Mass Communications of INTI International College Penang was hosting an event called 英迪慈善表演之 Love x Help Charity Night, who attended by Fuying and Sam (FS), at City Light Main Auditorium here yesterday evening.

The student aim to raise the awareness and funds raising for the Pertubuhan Kebajikan Seri Cahaya, as a large majority of Penang’s citizens do not know that it exists. Love x Help Charity Night successfully raise RM 6000.00. Fifty percent of the proceeds from the ticket sales will go towards the organisation.

“We feel the need to do so, as some of the orphanages and old folks there do not have a chance to feel again of love and we strongly believe that each and every human born into this world deserves to have a go at it. The funds will be collected through the profits of the charity concert itself inclusive of merchandise as well,” said Zack Koay, the chairman of this event.

“This was not the first time we are here. I love the food in Penang. If have chance, will visit here again. Besides that, I hope that my fans can spreading positive thing and influence people to be a better person. Meanwhile, if we available, we willing to accept the invitation on charity event next year because charity can benefits many people. Not only us but many of the people who need the help,” said FS during the interview session.


LOVE x HELP Charity Night At City Light Church (2 July 2016)


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