Nur Jazlan: KDN Prepared To Impose Visa Requirement On Visitors From Middle East



KUALA LUMPUR, Jul 10 – The Home Affairs Ministry (KDN) is prepared to impose foreign visa requirement on Middle Eastern countries’ citizens as proposed by the National Security Council (NSC), to curb Daesh militant threats in Malaysia. Its deputy minister Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed said to date the NSC had not submitted the proposal to the ministry, but the ministry was prepared to implement the move upon instructions from the council.

“That (visa) is under NSC’s jurisdiction. So far KDN has not recieved any directives. We will act as soon as we get the directive. The ministry would leave it to the NSC to decide on which Middle Eastern countries came under the move,” he told the reporters here today.

NSC secretary Datuk Seri Alias Ahmad yesterday (July 9) had proposed that the government imposed visa requirement on citizens from Middle Eastern countries to curb Daesh militant activities in Malaysia. He said ensuring citizens from countries affected by unrest or countries identified as the sources of Daesh militants obtained visa was important to monitor entry of individuals involved in militant activities. He said so far Malaysia had imposed visa requirement on 34 of 201 countries mainly in the African continent. — Bernama

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