Penang Quadruple Murder: The Suspect Remains Cremated



GEORGE TOWN, Jun 15 – The suspect, Chung Chun Wah, 32, who was gunned down by police after an exchange of fire in Air Itam here yesterday, was leaves the Penang Hospital mortuary around 1:30pm. The remain of Chung direct sent to Penang’s Batu Gantung Crematorium to be cremated.

The atmosphere at the crematorium was tense and heavy as family members battled with conflicting emotions at seeing Chung remains being hoisted and rolled into the incinerator. Also present were his sister, Lay Pheng, 37, her husband Lee Kok Yu, 40, and their two children.

On Wednesday, Chung mercilessly shot four people at a chicken processing factory, including his 55-year-old mother Tan Saw Sim, 28-year-old brother Chung Wah Thong, two-year-old nephew Ayden Chung, who is Wah Thong’s son and his mother’s 50-year-old boyfriend Toh Hock Choon.

It was reported that the suspect is believed to have entered into an argument with the family when they refused to give him money for drugs. The man later returned with a 9mm semi-automatic pistol and fired 11 shots at the victims before fleeing in a Toyota Hilux, registration number PLJ 7392, belong to Toh. Yesterday, the suspect was gunned down by police after an exchange of fire near the Kek Lok Si temple in Air Itam.

At the crematorium today, the remains of Toh Hock Choon, 50, who was gunned down by the suspect Chung Chun Wah, was also cremated at Batu Gantung Crematorium this afternoon, with his family members present. The Taoist priest led brief prayers before the coffin was moved into the incinerator. The remains of Tan Saw Sim, Chung Wah Thong and Ayden Chung will be cremated at the same place on Sunday.

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