Risky To Hire Illegal Immigrants As Body Guards



KUALA LUMPUR, Jul 15 – Hiring the service of illegal immigrants as security guards brings more problems than good, said Home Ministry’s principal assistant secretary Hanafee Yusof. He said the action by some residential and commercial building owners in hiring security guards without going through proper procedures would be to their own disadvantage. 

He said that the employers will not know the background of the guards they are hiring, like whether they (guards) have criminal records or are involved in unlawful activities such as gangsterism. Hanafee said the practice should be stopped for public safety. Security firms or owners of residential or commercial buildings should not compromise on security by hiring illegal immigrants as body guards, he added. 

He said action would be taken against security firms and individuals found to hire foreigners as security guards without going through the stipulated procedures. He said 118 illegal security guards had been detained in integrated operations involving the police, Immigration Department and the National Registration Department conducted between January and May this year. He also added that, this year alone, the licence of 12 security firms had been revoked for various offences. — Bernama

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