Police: Threat Proves Daesh Militants’ Ability To Obtain Explosives



KUALA NERUS, Jul 22 – The threat posed by Daesh militants to launch more attacks in the country is probably due to the fact that they are capable of obtaining explosives from neighbouring countries. Bukit Aman Special Branch Counter Terrorism Assistant Director Datuk Ayob Khan Mydin Pitchay said the situation worries him as it could indicate the possibility of an attack in the future. 

“Previously they had no expertise in making bombs compared with other militant groups, such as Jemaah Islamiyyah and Al Qaeda, who received training in the southern Philippines and Afghanistan. But the latest case in Movida, Puchong, proved they had obtained the explosives from the neighbouring countries. We are worried that if they had already developed ties with certain militant group, there is a possibility of seeing more explosives being used in attacks on Malaysia,” he said. 

He said this to reporters at the Liberalism Extremist Threats on Malaysian Muslims seminar officiated by Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, Senator Datuk Dr Ashraf Wajdi Dusuki at Sultan Zainal Abidin University, here today. On June 28, an entertainment outlet, Movida, Puchong was bombed with a grenade causing injuries to several people. Police confirmed that it was done by Daesh militants. — Bernama

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