Police Widen Puchong Bomb Explosion Dragnet To Southern Thailand



NARATHIWAT, Jul 26 – Police have widened their search for two suspects in the bomb explosion at an entertainment centre in Puchong in June, to southern Thailand. A reliable Thai authority spokesman in Sungai Golok said Malaysian police had enlisted the help and cooperation of its counterpart in Thailand.

He said Thai police and security forces have been urged to be alert on the possibility that the two individuals might be in Sungai Golok or another part of southern Thailand. He also added that the investigations were being conducted. The spokesman who declined to be named, said security at entry points to southern Thailand including illegal landing jetties along Sungai Golok had been tightened.

The two suspects in the bomb explosion at the entertainment centre in Puchong on June 28, which injured eight people, have been identified as Md Saifuddin Muji, 28, from Rengit and Jasanizam Rosni, 33, from Parit Raja. The incident is the first bomb attack initiated by Daesh terrorists in Malaysia.

Posters with photographs of the two suspects were pasted three days ago at the six illegal landing jetties at Sungai Golok to facilitate identification by local residents. Meanwhile, a local resident in Sungai Golok said he was informed by a security officer that the two Malaysians have a Thai friend in the border town. He said he was told that the person had previously worked at a restaurant in Johor but is now believed to be in Sungai Golok selling CDs.

He also said that the two Malaysians were believed to have attempted to seek help from their Thai friend. He also confirmed that villagers along Sungai Golok had been asked by Thai authorities to help in monitoring arrivals into the district particularly in regard to the two suspects. Sungai Golok is a narrow river dividing the district of the same name in Narathiwat and Rantau Panjang in Kelantan and is a favourite route for smugglers and criminals. — Bernama

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