“A Gift Of Love for the World” Charity Fundraiser Dinner



KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 11 – Stellavingze International organized its first fund-raising event, A Gift Of Love For The World at VE Hotel & Residence. For over 600 contributors from companies and individuals came to celebrate the joy of love, care and giving at a fundraising event, A Gift Of Love For The World.

Fund raised were given out to selected welfare homes and charity organizations marks the first fundraising activity led by Stellavingze International and Yayasan Wanita Cemerlang after the appointment of Datuk Stella Chin as the current President of Yayasan Wanita Cemerlang.

The two months fundraising campaign is carried out by Stellavingze International and MELILEA goes to the selected charity organizations and to fund Yayasan Wanita Cemerlang’s upcoming charity programs. Stellavingze International has established a branding of women empowerment program which under this program a volunteer group is actively involved in various charity program around the world.

Of all notable charitable events are Hair For Hope, Raya Sponsor for Underprivileged Pupils at Sekolah Kebangsaan Bukit Rahman Putra Sungai Buloh,welfare centres visit in Malaysia and Singapore, and Christmas Dinner Sponsor in Taiwan. Stellavingze International has branded itself as an all women company that works to help women to achieve a Beautiful Balance Life.

The money raised by Stellavingze International is the result of compassionate corporate companies and individuals who realized the importance of giving back to the society and also the importance of their role and ability to help in making the world a better place for all mankind.

Stellavingze’s founder and Yayasan Wanita Cemerlang newly appointed President; Datuk Stella Chin shared her feeling of joy and gratefulness in her speech as she witness many who came forward and contribute to make this project successful. In her speech, Stella also mentioned that both organizations that she leads will strive to help women of society to excel in their lives and career and give love and care for the society.

According to her, women of this era have a lot more responsibilities; women are capable at handling a company, acting as a wise leader for her team and at home, they are a loving wife, mother and daughter. Therefore, women’s happiness is the most important step to create a better society.

Datuk Stella expresses her opinion that a modern woman must not forget her beautiful traits as a woman and must not forget her cultural role and must maintain soft and strong at all times. The founder and patron of Yayasan Wanita Cemerlang, Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Dr Ng Yen Yen spoke in her speech and mentioned that the women development marks the development of a country and nation.

Therefore Yayasan Wanita Cemerlang was founded in order to carry out its mission and vision to educate a woman to empower a nationprovide education and training for the women of Malaysia. Yayasan Wanita Cemerlang has been around for many years and helped to raise fund for building Montfort Girls Centre in Shah Alam and many other non-profit and charitable organizations.

The objective of building Montfort Girls Centre is to help the young girls from underprivileged families to be able to enjoy formal education with special skills that can help them land a job or start their own business. At Montfort Girls Centre, every young girl is equal and stands the same opportunity to excel in their leadership and career.

Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Dr Ng Yen Yen said in her speech during the appointment of new president at MELILEA APHQ, Bangsar South; the main objective of the development of young girls centre and the foundation of Yayasan Wanita Cemerlang is to educate a girl to empower a nation.

The event main sponsor, MELILEA International Group Of Companies’ Chariman Datuk Dr Alan Wong said in his speech that MELILEA has always believed in ‘giving wholeheartedly, helping sincerely’ and one of the company’s mission is to fulfil the social responsibilities not only corporate but apply to all entrepreneurs succeeded with MELILEA business plan to give back to the society.

Therefore, MELILEA intends to support the giving culture mission of Yayasan Wanita Cemerlang and Stellavingze International. MELILEA has become the main sponsor for this event by running a campaign to donate a few percentage of its selected product purchased from June 2016 to August 2016 to encourage business partners and customers to donate and make contribution in this campaign.

The night went on with the celebration of A Gift of Love for The World as Clarence Kang (Autistic-Savant Pianist/Artist) made a special appearance and entertained the audience with beautiful and mesmerizing piano performance. Clarence Kang is well known in Malaysia for his wonderful talent in music composition and his ability to play musical instrument professionally.

Added up to his persona, Clarence Kang was diagnosed with Autism and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD). From infancy, Clarence has shown potential in arts (painting) and has been able to recognized music piece and read music sheets without any formal training.

Due to his reputation in arts and music, Clarence has always been invited to many musical functions and succeeded to impress his audience. The guests are further entertained with dance performance from local artists, choir performance from Beautiful Gate Foundation for the Disabled, and heartfelt singing performance by Datuk Stella Chin’s children.

The ceremony went on with the official launching of Yayasan Wanita Cemerlang and the cheque giving to all the beneficiaries’ body. Stellavingze International and Yayasan Wanita Cemerlang invite all ladies who are looking forward to lend a hand as a volunteer to register at www.stellavingze.com.

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