Gerakan Wants To Be Part Of Commission On Bribes-For-Home



GEORGE TOWN, Aug 30 – Reeling in shock over an alleged bribes-for-home racket by Penang assemblyman Lim Siew Khim’s father, Gerakan says the explanation by the parties involved have left many questions unanswered. Penang Gerakan Vice-Chairman Oh Tong Keong said the Penang state government should form a commission of inquiry on the issue of alleged corruption in obtaining low-cost housing units.

He said knowing the DAP-led state government would “attempt to whitewash the matter”, the leaked video footage would be handed over to Governor Abdul Rahman Abbas, request the Penang governor to look into forming the commission. He said if given the green light, Gerakan would like to send its members to be a part of the commission.

“These are the questions that need to be answered – is Uncle Lim (Siew Khim’s father Keat Seong) received “coffee money”, as recorded in the video clip? After Uncle Lim received the “coffee money”, who was the money handed over to? When will the state government take legal action against Uncle Lim?” Oh said in a press conference at the state Gerakan headquarters here today.

In a video clip released onto Facebook page “Penang Kini” on  Sunday, a man alleged to be Lim’s father, Keat Seong, together with his broker, and “deceived” home buyer were seen talking about settlement terms after a failed home purchase. According to the video, those interested to “cut the queue” in the government’s affordable home scheme programme, would have to pay RM260 to an “Uncle Lim”, who would then ensure they get a unit.

According to the state government, there were 35,229 people on the waiting list for affordable homes in April. Affordable housing is a category of housing priced below RM400,000 for units on the island and below RM250,000 for units on the mainland. Lim has, however, denied all knowledge of her father’s conduct. 

Penang Gerakan Anti-Corruption and Land bureau spokesperson H’ng Khoon Leng repeat his call to those who paid to apply for state housing properties to lodge complaints with Gerakan immediately or call Hng at 012-409-8718. He said those who come forward to give information need not worry as they would be protected under the Whistleblower Protection Act.


Oh Tong Keong Press Conference (30 August 2016)

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