iOS 10.0.2 Restores Full Functionality To Kevo Smart Lock’s Touch-To-Open Feature



Prior to the public release of iOS 10, Kwikset warned users of its Kevo smart lock that the device would lose some its “touch-to-open” feature due to a bug on Apple’s side. Now, the company has released a statement saying that the issue has been resolved with last week’s iOS 10.0.2 release. The issue centered around the Bluetooth “peripheral mode” that allowed the Kevo’s “touch-to-open” feature to be activated even when the Kevo app wasn’t open and visible on the phone.

Thank you for your patience while we worked with Apple on a solution for the iOS 10 Software Update bug. We’re pleased to share that Touch-to-Open® functionality is fully restored with Apple’s iOS 10.0.2 update, which was released last week.

Upon downloading the latest iOS update, you will be able to use your Kevo lock with the app running in the background. You no longer have to have the Kevo app open and visible on the phone screen when you touch to lock or unlock the Kevo smart lock.

In the interim, Kwikset told users that the Kevo’s “touch-to-open” functionality would skill work as long as the app was open, but with iOS 10.0.2, the full functionality has been restored. iOS 10.0.2 is available now via the Settings app. Apple is also currently beta testing iOS 10.1. The Kevo smart lock is available for $229.

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