YAN, Oct 5 – Forty-nine students of Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Guar Chempedak here, suffered food poisoning believed after eating meals served at the dining hall of the school’s hostel today. Yan Police chief DSP Muhamad Halim Yatim said all of the victims were rushed to Yan Hospital with the majority of them receiving treatment for abdominal pain before being discharged at about 11am today. 

He said there were only two of victims, who experienced vomiting and diarrhoea, are still receiving treatment at the hospital. Bernama’s check today found the hostel’s dining hall had been closed temporarily. One of the victims, Farhan Hakimi Roslan, 13, said he began to experience abdominal pain at around midnight. He said during recess at 3.30pm today, they were served with steamed buns with sardine filling, while at 6.30pm, they had white rice and prawn sambal.

He said he is not sure which one caused the stomach discomfort. Another victim, Nur Aina Amirah Zahani, 13, said she ate a steamed bun with ‘sekaya’ filling served during supper last night and had fried kueytiaw for breakfast this morning. She said it was beginning at 11pm last night, they literally had to take turns to use the toilet until they informed the hostel warden on the issue. Most of the victims were Form One and Form Two students who are attending evening school session. — Bernama

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