Penang UMNO Youth To Hold Second Rally To Stop Bersih 5 And Asked Guan Eng To Resign



GEORGE TOWN, Oct 10 – Penang UMNO Youth to hold a second rally, themed “Ride Against Corruption V2.0”, in a continued bid to call for Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng step down from his post or take leave pending his corruption cases in court. The purpose of the “Ride Against Corruption V2.0” rally also is to stop the Bersih 5 rally in Penang. 

Penang Umno Youth chief Rafizal Abdul Rahim claimed that there were more that 3,000 participants, in red shirts,  rode through the streets to demonstrate against Lim and Bersih 5 in the first Ride Against Corruption which organised by Penang UMNO Youth last week, on October 1.

He said it had been more than nine days after the demonstration to demand for Lim to step down and for Bersih 5 to be cancelled but still no signs of the demands being met. He claimed that they will organise second round of the rally which will be gathering up to 10,000 supporters to take part in the Ride Against Corruption 2.0 in order to get their points across to the Pakatan Hardpan-led state government and Bersih.

However, Rafizal did not divulge the date and location of the planned demonstration as it was “still in discussions”. He said they will announce the date and location after the meeting. In additional, he also added that they will also be applying the permit for the rally from the police this time once they finalised the date and location.


Sidang Akhbar Pemuda UMNO Pulau Pinang (10 October 2016)

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