Sony Finally Set To Jump Into The Mobile Gaming Space With The Announcement Of 5 New Titles Coming To iOS



Sony is set to jump into the iOS/Android mobile gaming space with the announcement five smartphone games slated to hit both platforms by mid 2018. The news comes on the heels of the success of Pokemon Go and Nintendo’s recent appearance at the 2016  Apple keynote with Mario Run. As console platforms drop to the third largest gaming market worldwide, it is clear the big Japanese companies are starting to take smartphone gaming seriously.

While Sony is yet to divulge any information about which titles we would be seeing, it looks like Japanese and Asian gamers will get their hands on them first. According to research firm Kantan Games, Sony and other major players in the gaming space are struggling to sell units in Japan, likely due to the popularity of mobile and smartphone gaming. Sony and Nintendo won’t be able to stand by idly much longer as their piece of the pie starts to dwindle.

Tim Cook has already met with Nintendo execs in Japan and the company looks to be planning its next big move on iOS with potential investments in add-on hardware controllers. So while Sony may be a few steps behind here, its excellent development studios and its fair share of iconic franchises/characters will certainly be a treat to see on mobile. Let’s just hope they don’t get the premium Square Enix treatment with a series of $15 iOS titles that originally came out 20 years ago.

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