Mystery Businessman Sponsors Free Petrol For Motorcyclists In Gebeng



KUANTAN, Nov 7 – More than 1,000 motorcyclists queued up patiently for free fuel at a petrol kiosk in Gebeng, here from 12 noon to 2pm today contributed by an anonymous donor. The charity exercise which was held in two sessions, from noon to 2pm and from 4pm to 6pm, was also announced over Facebook and WhatsApp and via notices pasted at the petrol kiosk.

Security guard Muhammad Arif Abbas, 52, who was the first person to get the free petrol refill said he waited for about 30 minutes before the session began. He got to know of the free petrol from his sister-in-law who read the notice at the kiosk’s’s payment counter yesterday.

He said the free fuel will last him about four days which is good enough for him save some daily expenses. Factory worker Mohd Zain Zamil sacrificed his lunchtime today to join the queue at the petrol kiosk in Gebeng, here. Student Wan Mohd Aiman Wan Zakaria, 16, could not believe the Facebook message about free petrol was true and was excited to see a long queue.

“I read about free petrol in Kedah and did not expect to experience it here. When I left my house I told me myself to try my luck so as not to be disappointed if it was a hoax,” he said. Meanwhile, petrol kiosk assistant Aishah Mohd Basha, 26, said the donation was from a 45-year-old businessman who is a friend of the kiosk owner.

She said there is no limit and recipients can fill until the tank is full at two designated pumps. She said it is only for motorcyclists and they are not allowed to bring additional containers. She said in the first session today, more than RM2,000 worth of petrol was given out. — Bernama

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