Suprema BioMini Combo Now Supports Android



SEOUL, Nov 8 РSuprema, Inc., a leading global provider of biometrics and ID solutions, today announced that the company will add Android version of BioMini Combo, a FAP20 certified dual-authentication RFID/fingerprint scanner. BioMini Combo is designed to provide two-factor authentication solutions combining fingerprint, contact/contactless smartcards and NFC.

On the surface, the scanner features Suprema’s latest slim and durable optical sensor with large platen size for easier capturing. In addition to fignerprint authentication, the scanner also supports various RF standards including contact/contactless smartcards. Moreover advanced Live Finger Detection technology enhances security level and makes BioMini Combo a secure multimodal authentication platform.

With the recently added Android support, BioMini Combo is now compatible with wide range of Android-based mobile devices including smartphones, tablets and PDAs. Android compatibility will allow users simpler operation without PC and provides greater versatility with custom-made Android apps for ID projects including electronic ID and e-government applications.

BioMini Combo scanner also guarantees solid performance and image quality by complying with certifications including FBI PIV and Mobile ID (FAP20), and enables users to capture fingerprints under harsh environmental conditions as well as under direct sunlight up to 100,000 LUX.

“At Suprema, we strive to provide optimal biometric identification solutions for fast-changing environment and market demand. This newly added Android support of BioMini Combo clearly shows our response on market dynamics and we are aiming for a true ubiquitous identification solution regardless of users’ location and device,” said Bogun Park, head of ID Solutions Business at Suprema.

Suprema will make an exclusive showcase of BioMini Slim S scanner at Trustech 2016 and the scanner will be available for sale from December 2016. To experience more on BioMini Slim S, please book a demo at below link or visit Suprema stand (Palais 01 H033) at Trustech 2016.

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