KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 12 – The 41st Wanita MCA annual general meeting (AGM) today adopted 18 resolutions on issues encompassing women and the law, party affairs, politics, economy, education, social and security aspects. The resolutions were passed by the 1,238 delegates who attended the AGM at Wisma MCA here after a debate by 12 of the delegates. 

One of the resolutions called on the Election Commission to review its proposed redelineation exercise so as to prevent political culture from becoming racist and extremist. The delegates also urged the government to formulate a comprehensive foreign labour policy, simplify the application procedures to resolve the same foreign labour and workers shortage problems. 

On education, the delegates supported the multiple stream policy, to defend the rights of various races in maintaining their mother-tongue in education as enshrined in Federal Constitution. The delegates also called upon the nation to reject street demonstrations and encourage people to use the proper channels to express their views. 

One resolution favoured amending Section 7 of the Employees Provident Fund Act (EPF) to ensure that the rights of the wife and children are protected so as to avoid unnecessary family disputes.  On party affairs, Wanita MCA called on all members to fully support the implementation of the party’s transformation and rebranding programmes in order to protect the rights of the Chinese community as they urged the MCA central committee to implement direct elections for party positions. 

In addition, the MCA wing also wants to demand for the automatic appointment of Wanita Division Chairmen as central delegates while retaining the existing quota of one representative to be a central delegate in order to affirm the 42 percent contribution by its members.  Wanita MCA also eyed the appointment of more women candidates including Beliawanis in the coming 14th General Election. — Bernama

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