Rafizi Advises Adam Rosly To Declare Assets



KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 16 – PKR vice-president Rafizi Ramli today advised Ampang PKR Youth chief Datuk Adam Rosly, whose castle-like house in Ampang has come under public scrutiny, to declare his assets as soon as possible. “I feel that the faster Adam declares his assets, the easier it will be for him. The moment you show that you have nothing to hide and everything is transparent, then I think it stops that (speculation),” he said to reporters at the Parliament lobby. 

Rafizi said he himself would again declare his assets on Tuesday or Wednesday after having done so in March last year.  He also suggested that all politicians and civil servants declare their assets in detail to avert irregularities. The media had reported on the wealth of Adam who owned a castle-like house and several luxury cars. 

Adam had claimed that he was a successful businessman and that he had made his money from hard work and through various businesses that he inherited from his family. In KOTA KINABALU, the Pro-Barisan Nasional NGO Alliance (Pro-BN NGO) lodged a report at the Sabah Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission office over the house owned by Adam. 

Pro-BN NGO chairman Datuk Zulkarnain Mahdar said the alliance also asked MACC to investigate whether Adam owned a company that enabled him to earn such income as to buy that house and whether the Inland Revenue Board had knowledge of the company. 

Zulkarnain, who is also chairman of Gabungan Akar Umbi UMNO Malaysia (GAUM), also lodged a report seeking an MACC investigation on alleged abuse of power by Semporna MP Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal when he was the minister of rural and regional development. — Bernama

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