Eisai To Launch Smell Identification Test UPSIT Series In Japan



TOKYO, Apr 4 – Eisai Co., Ltd. has announced that the smell identification test “UPSIT Series” will be launched today for sale to health insurance pharmacies and local governments in Japan. The UPSIT Series was developed by Sensonics International. Eisai has obtained exclusive rights to market the test in Japan, and has modified it for the Japanese market.

The UPSIT Series’ 4-Item Pocket Smell Test is a multiple-choice test comprised of four microencapsulated odorant strips attached to a thick sheet of paper. The scents are released by lightly scratching the strips with a cotton swab or other tool, after which the person taking the test must attempt to select the correct name of the scent from four options that are provided. In this way, smell identification ability can be determined in approximately 3 minutes.

The sense of smell is one of the important senses for detecting hazards in daily life, such as rotten food, poor hygiene, gas leakage, and fires. Olfactory function, which includes the ability to identify smells (identification) and to detect a faint smell (detection), is influenced by age, physical condition, memory, and psychological state. Persons are often unaware the changes in the ability to identify smells, subjectively.

The UPSIT Series, which objectively measures smell identification ability, makes it possible to detect and track changes in physical condition and psychological state. This test will most likely be used in counseling sessions, such as during health consultations or health promotion events held by health insurance pharmacies or local governments.

Should the person taking the test make any mistakes, it may be recommended that they undertake a review of their lifestyle, including sleep, exercise, dietary and smoking habits, under the guidance of a pharmacist or other relevant person. Alternatively, a visit to an otolaryngologist or a primary care physician may be recommended.

It is important to note that the UPSIT Series is not an alternative for proper medical examinations and diagnosis by qualified medical professionals. Scents are made up of multiple chemical substances. The roof of the nasal cavity contains 5 million olfactory receptor cells, each of which reacts to certain chemical substances.

These cells work in concert to transmit smell information to the brain. The transmitted information is then integrated with information stored in the brain, including learned information, making it possible to identify “a certain smell”.  As one part of the hhc solutions business, Eisai has been engaged for many years in activities for “creating communities where senior citizens can live in peace of mind”.

In carrying out these activities, Eisai has identified real world needs and issues, also called “clinical questions”. By providing solutions to these clinical questions, in cooperation with stakeholders including local governments, medical institutions and pharmacies, Eisai seeks to make further contributions to support health promotion and health management of senior citizens.

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