Penang Gerakan Urged State Govt To Disclose PSR Details Early



GEORGE TOWN, Apr 21 – Penang Gerakan urged DAP-led state government to disclose the details on the Penang Southern Reclamation (PSR) project early. Its Publicity Bureau chief Ooi Zhi Yi said SRS Consortium who have been appointed as the Project Delivery Partner (PDP) or the state government should reveal the details and explain how it benefits for Penangites before securing any necessary approval from the relevant Federal authorities. 

He said the people deserved the right to know the details of the project as any reclamation project will bring several issue to the areas such as geological, aquaculture and environmental impact. He said there were various different impacts that can be caused by land reclamation, especially with such a huge project in the southern side.

“We want to know how the project will benefit residents in the area. With such huge islands being reclaimed, will it affect the geological factor of the whole state especially the southern side? We have seen many changes towards the environment in our state including floods that happens in new areas,” Ooi told reporters here today.

“With development at the southern side of the island, more developments of residential and commercial buildings will be developed. Therefore, population and density will be increased which might causes more pollution. It is the same as the traffic as when the population increases, the number of vehicles will increase,” he said.

“Land reclamation might also affect the biological environment of the affected area. What will happen to the flora, fauna and marine life? We must not also forget the livelihood of the fishermen in the southern side of the Penang island. With the reclamation, it will definitely affect their job as the fisherman,” he said.

“We want to remind the state government to seriously consider the negative impacts that will happen to all these victims, and not only look at the benefits it will gain. The movement will not hesitate to take the necessary action to protect the lives and welfare of the people. Focus must be given to the benefit for the majority of the Penangites,” he added. 

Also present were Penang Gerakan Treasurer Ng Fook On in the press conference. Meanwhile, Penang State Executive Councillor for Local Government, Traffic Management and Flood Mitigation Chow Kon Yeow in a statement today said SRS Consortium is still in the process of securing the necessary approvals from the relevant Federal authorities and no agreement has been signed between the PDP and the Penang State Government.

“SRS Consortium’s proposal is to be further discussed with the State Government and the relevant Federal Government agencies and regulatory bodies for the securement of the necessary approvals for implementation. All terms and conditions for the implementation of the proposal shall be further discussed and negotiated with the Penang State Government and incorporated into the PDP Agreement to be executed in due course,” Chow said. — PN

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