Sarawak To Spearhead Revolution In Business Events Via Redefining Global Tribes Campaign



KUALA LUMPUR, Apr 22 – Sarawak is set to spearhead a revolution to rally all business events communities in Malaysia under the Redefining Global Tribes campaign in conjunction with the Global Meetings Industry Day 2017 celebration earlier this month.

State event promotion agency, Sarawak Convention Bureau Chief Operating Officer, Amelia Roziman, said the Redefining Global Tribes campaign was a sequel to the successful campaign for the 55th International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) Congress 2016, which put the state on the map for second-tier destinations in conventions and conferences.

“We are calling all Business Events communities in Malaysia to unite. As one global tribe, we will construct a stronger identity for Sarawak and Malaysia, not only for business events, but also to spur the country’s fiscal and social growth,” she said in a statement today.

She said the campaign was a multi-pronged revolution to further drive the impact of business events to construct a stronger and more diverse economy for Malaysia. She said through the sector’s fluidity in attracting trade, talent, and foreign investment, a business event assembles the world into one powerful global tribe. She said this is the vision that Sarawak intends to lead.

Amelia said to kick-start the campaign, the bureau was partnering with Borneo Tru Events, which was organising the Tribal Warrior Challenge, an obstacle-based public event to converge business events communities and 4,000 additional participants on Aug 19, 2017.

“The Tribal Warrior Challenge will see a total of three categories set within the beautiful landscapes of Borneo,” she said. In additional, the categories are ‘The Rite of Passage’ (eight kilometres), ‘Headhunter’ (12 kilometres) and ‘Bizst Mode’ (five kilometres).

“Corporations and associations will be able to benefit further by utilising the Tribal Warrior Challenge as a platform for team-building, corporate events, celebrations, orientation trips, boot camps and incentive trips in Sarawak,” she said. Registration for the challenge is open from April 28 onwards via — Bernama

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