Next Top Incredible Fashion Designer Pa Ya Hui


Malaysian-Chinese fashion designer Pa Ya Hui, 32, launched her 2017 Spring/Summer featured collection with the theme of “Sound Black, Sound Pink” in Penang Fashion Week 2017 at Gurney Paragon Mall here on April 21. In Malaysia, Penang was her second fashion showcase while the first fashion showcase was at Kedah Fashion Week 2016, which held at Aman Central, Kedah.

She is a master of pattern cutting and draping techniques. After graduated from Equator Academy of Art at year 2009 with her Diploma in Fashion Design Technology, Pa continue pursue her fashion dream at the University of Middlesex in United Kingdom from year 2010 to year 2011.

She developed an in-depth skill of pattern cutting throughout her years in her Degree in Fashion Design and got herself an incredible internship opportunity with one of the best London base designer Inbar Inspector and work in the pattern cutting team for a great two years.

“Before I went to Middlesex University, I was very constrict and uptight. After graduated, I work for Inbar Inspector. I felt myself growth as an artist, I become less uptight and more freely when come to express my own ideas to designing cloths,” Pa said.

“It is very important step in my life because I finally learn how not be too uptight as a designer. Besides that, it’s also because of my grandmother. When I was a child, my grandmother like to do this craftsman work, which hand sowing a mans cloth. I learning from my grandmother and I gain a lot of knowledge and compliment so that I could keep it going on.”

“In additional, I like to changed the TV channels randomly until I was stunned by a beautiful image: Faye Wong playing with a toy airplane in Chungking Express (directed by Wong Kar-Wai). I very like to watch this show because the movie giving me a very good impact about women, time and space. I will always replay back the movie randomly when I’m tired.”

Rei Kawakubo, Japanese Designer, founder of Comme des Garçons was Pa’s favorite designer because she influence Pa a lot. Rei is one of most influential fashion designers. The mysterious designer is known for her extreme privacy, preferring to stay aloof and as much out of the public eye as possible as opposed to swanning with fashion’s elite.

Pa said she feels appreciated to the exposure for her fourteen looks of the “Sound Black, Sound Pink” pret-a-porter garments utilized soft netting and silk taffeta and net to suggest fragility to accentuate femininity after the Penang Fashion Week 2017 showcase at Gurney Paragon Mall.

She said she did get a great feedback from customers after the show and also very surprised that a lot of the ship she use for her collection was not really acceptable by the people. She said she was also shock that there were some of the people complement it and accepted it.

Pa said she is targeting for Asian audience because she is from Asian and familiar with what Asian thinking and culture. She said she will start her business with Asian market before move it into Western market. She said her vision and mission is to keep designing beautiful design with share it out with people and also lay a strong foundation for next generation, and make life more wonderful and fruitful, where we can live and grow stronger.

“As a new brand, we are still developing our “Signature”. We are actually planning to expand the sub-line to do T-shirt. This is still in planning as we need money if we want to have ‘PAYAHUI’ women of stuff. We would like ‘PAYAHUI’ women to be a balance of strong and soft character, sensuous, a free soul with open mind, basically to love the world like we should,” Pa told Pocket News during the interview session.

“We seek more opportunities and platforms to share and express our brand’s thinking and ideals, from there we will evaluate and see how we could manage to sustain and grow our business in Malaysia. I have to design those not typical and have money to that. We also need fund to do designing. We need to have sub-line to earn money but the sub-line we have to give some responsible to do it too.”

She also said that her family is the big supporter as they supported her on financially, physical, and mentality. She said she was the lucky on comparing to some of her friends that are talented but they couldn’t startup as due to financial problem. She said even though they have great ideas and artwork but it equal to nothing. She said she proud to have her family because they inspired her a lot along her career. — PN


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