JJPTR Investors Media Shy



GEORGE TOWN, May 4 – An investor of the troubled high-yield investment company JJPTR refused to speak to the media over fears of making the situation worse. He was approached by reporters at the office in Jalan Perak here but declined to speak, claiming media attention would make things worse.

He said the constant media attention on the scheme may lead to investors failing to get back their capital as promised by JJPTR founder Johnson Lee last week. He said media would just cause us more trouble and make the situation worse. It is understood he went to the office to try to get his principal returned to him but left unsatisfied after staff there told him to check back again after five working days.

Meanwhile a video of Lee has surfaced where he criticised the media for tarnishing his image over a report where he allegedly received large sums of money via cheque. He called upon those making the claims to show proof and expressed his willingness to show his bank statements. “If the money comes, I am willing to distribute the money to everyone,” he said in Mandarin in the 30-second video. 

The scheme is in trouble after the company claimed its trading account was hacked causing losses reportedly between RM200 million to RM500 million. In response, JJPTR or JJ Poor to Rich, promised to pay back investors their principal and has since launched a new scheme. Under the new scheme, the company is promising higher monthly return rates of 35% compared to the previous 20%.

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