About 1,200 Over Crowd Join USM Zombie Run 2017


GEORGE TOWN, May 14 –  About 1,200 over crowd join the 6KM USM Zombie Run 2017 which held at USM Stadium here this evening with the present of Deputy Registrar Division of Students Development Affairs & Alumni Mohd Saad Bin Hj Din. Zombie Run is a whole new event, in which it hosts by the secretariat of Student Council of Tekun Residential College 2016/2017 (or namely Majlis Penghuni Desasiswa Tekun 2016/2017)/ MPDT.

This event was the first ever zombies run themed challenge organized in USM Main Campus. It was the full of challenges and haunted by the zombies along the 6 km track. Participants will be given three lives and zombies will chase them over along their way in running to get grab the lives from participants to heal theirselves.

Participants with the most lives and be the quickest back to the destination (Stadium Olahrage USM) will be the winner!  The Zombie Run is planned based on an important concept of realising the social issues happening around us everyday in the context of the whole Malaysia. Social issues like teen suicide, baby abortion among teenagers, bully cases, and etc. It is to create the awareness  about the social issues happening around Malaysia and bring the attention of the public towards all these issues.

It may also gather public forces and efforts to help this community in solving the issues. Certainly, at the same time, it may also provide a plaform for the public to live a more healthy lifestyle by making “run” as one of their hobbies for daily/weekly routine exercises. In additional, the organiser also decided to rearrange the whole organising committee to host more challenging event in future. — PN


130517 - USM Zombie Run 2017 (13 May 2017)

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