TOKYO, Jun 21 – NEC Corporation (TSE: 6701) today announced its participation in INTERPOL World 2017, Singapore, from July 4 – 7, 2017.  INTERPOL World provides a platform for law enforcement and industry to build partnerships, aiming to develop innovative solutions to global security challenges.

“NEC will showcase solutions that contribute to rapid crime solving in the real world and the virtual world, in addition to the early detection and prevention of crime and incidents by utilizing IoT and “NEC the WISE,” NEC’s cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technology consisting of face recognition technology, video analysis technology, acoustic recognition and more,” said Masakazu Yamashina, Senior Vice President, NEC Corporation.

NEC’s NeoFace, an AI facial recognition engine boasting the world’s highest authentication accuracy, will be used to help manage entry to INTERPOL World Congress. The system will promptly and accurately utilize a database of pre-registered facial images in order to authenticate the identity of delegates, thereby contributing to enhanced security.

NEC technologies and solutions at INTERPOL World include the following:

1. Solutions that contribute to early crime solving
– Forensic authentication solutions utilizing multiple types of biometric information such as faces and fingerprints
– Image sharpening technology that improves the visibility of images taken at night or in dark places
– Learning based super resolution technology that improves the visibility of faint images such as small faces and license plates captured by security cameras
– Digital crime investigation assisting solutions capable of collecting and analyzing records stored on computers, smartphones and other electronic devices as wll as smooth information sharing

2. Solutions that contribute to the early detection and prevention of crimes and incidents
– Video surveillance solution utilizing NEC’s face recognition technology that boasts the world’s highest recognition precision
– Solutions that provide quick and accurate searches through large volumes of video data for persons who frequently appear at a specified time or location
– System that detects suspicious behavior on video, such as intrusion and abandoned objects
– Crowd behavior analysis technology that identifies the degree of congestion and detects abnormalities in the images of crowds
– Visualization solution that displays ongoing events on a map in an area under surveillance

Kris Ranganath, Sr. Director, Advanced Recognition Systems, NEC Corporation of America, will deliver a lecture on ambient security at the INTERPOL World Congress Hall from 14:30 to 15:00, on Wednesday, July 5. Moreover, Daniel Lim, Evangelist, Global Safety Division, NEC Corporation, will deliver a lecture on digital identity at INTERPOL World Theatre 2, located in the exhibition area, from 13:50, on Thursday, July 6. For more information on NEC’s participation in INTERPOL World 2017:

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