2017 Babies Expected To Live Up To 74.8 Years



PUTRAJAYA, Aug 1 – Malaysians born in 2017 are expected live up to 74.8 years, said the Statistics Department. According to Abridged Life Tables, Malaysia, 2015-2017 issued by the department, the expectation has increased 0.5 years compared to 74.3 years for the 2011 babies. The department said the life expectancy at birth in Malaysia is 77.4 years for females and 72.7 years for males.

“This figure has increased continuously over the years with an increase of 0.6 years for both males and females compared to 2011,” said the department in a statement, here today. The department said the life expectancy tables were generated based on the mortality statistics for the three-year period and mid-year population estimates.

The highest life expectancy at birth was recorded in Sarawak with 78.6 years for females and 75.1 years for males. The department said, a male aged 65 years now was expected to live for another 15 years while females were expected to live for another 17.1 years. — Bernama

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