AKU 1 Vehicle Registration Plate Fetches RM200,000 Bid



IPOH, Aug 24 – The vehicle registration number AKU 1 fetched the highest bid of RM207,898.90 among the bids for the AKU series of numbers offered by the Perak Road Transport Department. Its director, Mohd Zawawi Zakaria, said the highest bid for the number AKU 8055, which resembles AKU BOSS, was RM74,000.

The AKU series of numbers were offered between July 3 and 18. Mohd Zawawi said the popular numbers were 8055, 1305 and 805. He said the Perak JPJ receive a total of 3,315 bids, of which 239 had to be rejected because they failed to meet the conditions.

“AKU 1305 attracted 49 bids; AKU 8055, twenty-seven; AKU 89, twenty-three; AKU 69, twenty-one; AKU 2121, twenty; AKU 4212, nineteen and AKU 805, eighteen,” he told a press conference at the Perak JPJ headquarters here.

Mohd Zawawi said the total collection for the AKU series of plates was RM3.5 million, which was the highest recorded for registration bids by the Perak JPJ. “Usually, the Perak JPJ receives between 500 and 600 bids for vehicle registration numbers but the figure was six times higher for the AKU series,” he said. — Bernama

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