Penang Gerakan: “Will State Govt Self-Proclaimed ‘Medical City’ To ‘Hotel City’?” (Video)



GEORGE TOWN, Aug 24 – Penang Gerakan Acting Youth Chief Jason Loo today questioned the DAP state government whether it will modify the self-proclaimed “Medical City” to “Hotel City” in the event the Ministry of Health (MOH) does not approve the application for a hospital’s expansion project.

“We were informed that applications were submitted to the MBPP to develop a hotel, medical suites and hospital on the Peel Avenue’s 6.4 acres land. Will the DAP State Government modify the self-proclaimed, which proceed “Medical City” to “Hotel City” in the event if the MOH does not approve the application for the hospital’s expansion project?” Jason asked.

“Why would the DAP State Government be so hurry in rezoning the Peel Avenue land (in April 2017) as commercial land when the approval for license from MOH is not granted yet? Since the land was rezoned as commercial land, will the DAP State Government cancel the rezoning if the MOH’s approval is not granted?” he asked.

“If the DAP State Government cannot cancel the rezoning decision even if the MOH’s approval is not granted, will they in the future approve other commercial projects such as hotels and commercial buildings and high density condominiums on the said piece of land?” Jason continue asked.

“I am not against the development. I just want to know why the state government did not hold a public consultation with residents first. It is a huge hotel. The residents deserve a chance to give input on what should be developed there,” he said in a press conference at Gerakan Headquarter here this morning. 

Also present were Vice Youth Chief Puvaniten a/l M. Helan Govan. The state government offered the 2.6ha land to Island Hospital in 2015 and the sale was signed last December without any public announcements. The hospital obtained a 99-year lease on the land for RM156mil.

In May, NGO Penang Citizens Awareness Chant Group revealed the deal, which sparked public concern about the absence of an open tender and public engagement. Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has maintained that no open tenders were called on the sale because it was treated as a foreign direct investment in a high-value industry and the state government was bound by non-disclosure agreements required by investors. — PN


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