BANGKOK, Aug 26 – No one in former Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra’s legal team knows her present whereabout, despite media speculation that she could be in Dubai where her exiled brother, Thaksin, maintained a home there. Her lawyer, Norrawit Larlaeng, in a Twitter posting today said, Yingluck did not inform them of her current location after missing yesterday’s court proceeding.

“I did not know (her location), still haven’t been informed by Yingluck Shinawatra,” he said, adding that they went to her house yesterday to inform her about the warrant of arrest issued by the court, but failed to meet her. Other occupants at the house also had no knowledge of her whereabouts, she said.

The former Prime Minister Yingluck was alleged to have slipped out of the country about two days ago through a Thai border town, Koh Chang, for Cambodia, where she took a flight to Singapore before she making her way to Dubai in United Arab Emirates. 

Leaders of her political party, Puea Thai Party have not issued any official statement on Yingluck’s no show in court yesterday nor on her current location. In response to her “dissapearance”, the goverment instructed officials to tighten monitoring at all exit points in the country, although they have yet to receive any evidence showing that the former Prime Minister has left the country.

Following her failure to be in court yesterday, the Supreme Court’s Division for Political Office Holders issued a warrant of arrest against the former Prime Minister who was accused of negligence in the rice subsidy scheme implemented during her administration. If found quilty, she could be sentenced up to 10 years in jail.

The government claimed that the rice subsidy scheme implemented by Yingluck and her administration had caused the country to suffer massive financial losses through act of corruption to the tune of 500 billion Baht (RM62 billion). Yingluck who denied all the allegations, came into power on Aug 2011 to became Thailand’s first female Prime Minister before she was ousted in May 2014. — Bernama

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