GEORGE TOWN, Oct 14 – Eric Chou <This Is Love> Live In Penang was happening at SPICE Arena here on Saturday evening. Over 8,000 fans gathered and filled the arena with Heart shape colourful balloons.

The concert kicked off with the sentimental song Fu Yi Fen Zhong (Negative For A Minute), Let It Go and Wo Ai De Na Zhong (I Love That Kind Of) then continue with fast and furious session and soon followed by heavy rock to bring up the crowd atmosphere.

He said he is recently busying with his new album and concert for future and he is looking forward to share his new song “his baby” to his fans soon. Concert highlights A-Lin, his senior, presented a song chorus Xin Fu Tao Duan (Happiness is too short) with Chou.

Eric Chou ended the night with Ming MingZai Ai Ni (Love You Again) and Yi Hou Bie Zuo Peng You (Let’s Not Be Friends In The Future). 

Eric Chou <This Is Love> Live In Penang was organized by Warriors Music Evolution and Galaxy Group.

负一分钟、Let it go、我爱的那种、你在哪里、转眼不见、说、This Is Love、学着爱、说了再见、幸福太短 (Chorus with A-Lin)、无人知晓的我 (A-Lin)、爱情教会我们的事、我爱过你、爱在身边、No one like you、Money On My Mind、音乐快门、Love Yourself、Closer、永不失联的爱、Fix You、Come out your way、你,好不好?、明明、再爱你、以后别做朋友

— PN


141017 - Eric 周兴哲 ~ This is Love Concert At SPICE Arena (14 October 2017)

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