WhatsApp Down – Messaging App Not Working For Users Across The World



WhatsApp Messaging service WhatsApp is down today as users cannot receive or send messages. It has confirmed it is working on a solution to the problem. The app doesn’t initially look broken, with chats and contacts able to load. But once a user is into a chat, the app just shows a “connecting” message that never resolves itself, and so new messages can’t be sent or received.

That also means there’s no easy fix to the problem, since it appears to be on WhatsApp’s side. Shutting and opening the app, for instance, just resets the connecting message but won’t stop it showing. The app crashed at about 8am with people across the country reporting it was down. By 9am users across London and the south east said the service had returned – while others across the midlands and up north suggested it was still playing up.

The outage appears to have hit much of Europe and some areas in Malaysia and Indonesia. Reports of issues with the app have also come in from China, Saudi Arabia, India, the USA and Sri Lanka. Many users in countries outside of the UK were still reporting it down an hour later. WhatsApp Web, which uses the phone’s connection, is also broken. Unlike its owner Facebook, and many other large social networks and internet companies, WhatsApp doesn’t maintain a page to give users information when the site is down.

It has an official Twitter account that is supposed to post when it is experiencing problems – but that appears to have fallen into disuse, and hasn’t posted since 2014. It’s far from the first time that WhatsApp has gone down, and it now appears to be doing so on a roughly monthly basis. The outages are often resolved quickly, though can sometimes also take hours to fix.

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