36 Stranded On Penang Hill Safely Landed At FRU3 By Helicopter



GEORGE TOWN, Nov 7 – Some of 36 people who were stranded on Penang Hill since Saturday were safely landed at Police Federal Reserves Unit 3(FRU3) base in Jalan Boundary near Air Itam here by helicopter on this afternoon.

Penang Hill Corporation in a statement today said the 31 were among 52 people stranded on the hill. The 10 senior citizens in the group were advised to stay at the hotel with family members taking care of them.

Northeast District police chief Assistant Commissioner Anuar Omar confirmed the helicopter arrived at the hill around 2pm today. He said this is a group of people who went up for a prayer ceremony at a temple on the hill on Saturday.

He said the 36 people, including children and senior citizens, were staying at Bellevue Hotel on the hill after they was advised not to hike down due to the heavy downpour that caused all access to the hill to be blocked.

“They have food and a place to stay. But it has been three days so they wanted to go home. The decision to ferry the people via helicopter was made after the trail was found not safe to bring them down on land,” he said.

One of the victims, Wong Sien Fung, 33, said she felt blessed that she and her two children were ferried down the hill via a helicopter.

“I am very thankful. We were trapped up in the hill since Saturday and we are very thankful that these courageous people saved us,” she said.

A massive storm hit the whole of Penang over the weekend, affecting thousands of people and causing destruction in its wake. Flood waters have receded in most parts of the state. — PN


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