GEORGE TOWN, Nov 9 – The 8th Leadership and English Language Camp (LELaC) 2017 to be held on Dec 7 – 10 at University Sains Malaysia (USM) here. It is an International LELaC conducted by Dr. Kamarul Kabilan of USM and assisted by undergraduate students from School of Educational studies. 

Since it was established in 2010, LELaC has grown into a well-known and sought after English Language-based programme within Malaysia and other countries. It has been helping school children to discover their English talents in a fun and enjoyable approach.

In LELaC, numerous activities have been prepared in order to challenge the learners in both physically and mentally that will guide them to finally unleash their hidden English talents by taking parts in these inspiring activities. Moreover, the participants of this camp will have the opportunity to encounter the activities in a summer camp vibe.

The activities will be conducted indoor as well as outdoor. Our annual-must-have activities include Choral Speaking, Voice Modulation, Monologue and Drama. The participants is given one whole day to prepare the script for every activities and they will present it during the camp.

The absolute challenge that the students need to come up against in Choral Speaking is synchronization and cooperation in one group. We have heard it before; “One for All and All for One”. In Voice Modulation, participants need to choose one animal and later, they must create a situation and act as the animal they have chosen.

The ideas that has been presented in our previous LELaC are animals celebrating birthday party and fashion show in animal kingdom. Therefore, the aim of this activity is to improve voice projection among participants as they can only utter words produced by the animals.

For Monologue, it is a long, tedious speech presented by one representative from each group. Creativity of our LELaC-ers can be polished from this activity as this activity need marvelous ideas and great confidence. Last but not least, Drama. It is more or less like Storytelling, however, the participants must act and present it on the end of the second day of camp.

As this year’s theme is “In Search for Young Wizard”, we included more activities that can make the participants feel the Wizardy-World but at the same time, they can earn knowledge and improve their English skills. Don’t miss out your chance to board your train to this one magnificent voyage! Grab the chance to embark a wizardry life and have fun creating memories with others. — PN

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