Dr Subramaniam: No Disease, Epidemic, Risk Cases Reported In Penang, Kedah



PUTRAJAYA, Nov 10 – No infections, epidemic and risk cases have been reported in the flooded areas in Penang and Kedah, said Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr S. Subramaniam. As of yesterday, 403 of 1,111 flood victims have been examined for treatment by 50 medical teams, comprising 32 health teams and 18 medical teams on duty during and after the floods. “No disease outbreak have been reported by the health team assigned to the flood areas.

“There are also no high-risk cases like antenatal, post-natal and hemodialysis in flooded areas,” he said in a media conference here today. Operations at two health facilities, Klinik Desa Lahar Yooi and Klinik Pergigian Perai, which are still affected by the floods, have been moved to Sungai Dua Health Clinic and Seberang Jaya Health Clinic. “The Mak Mandin Health Clinic and Level One of the Penang Hospital which were hit by floods and Klinik 1Malaysia Taman Seri Delima where communication was cut off on Nov 5, have begun operation.” 

Dr Subramaniam said ministry staff had visited relief centres to check for mosquitoes, rats and flies, and safety of drinking water and food, and to raise health awareness. “We also clean-up the surroundings and sanitation. The public in the flooded areas or places which are at risk must be careful and follow the instructions of the authorities, especially on the need to evacuate early.

“This is to avoid any complications and accidents, and the loss of life. The public are also advised not to eat uncooked food and only drink water which has been boiled or bottled water.” Parents were advised to be vigilant of their children and not allow them to play in the flood waters, which could be polluted and put them at risk of infectious diseases like diarrhoea, cholera, typhoid and leptospirosis. — Bernama

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