Anwar: Information About RM50m Not Stated in Utusan’s Articles



KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 24 – Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim today told the High Court here that information regarding RM50 million, claimed to have been given to late lawyer Karpal Singh, purportedly for bribing the judiciary and the Attorney-General’s Chambers, were not stated clearly in any of three articles carried by the Utusan Malaysia newspaper.

Anwar, 71, formerly opposition leader, who continued giving his testimony today, said he, however, obtained the information on the sum from Karpal. “The late Karpal obtained the information on the RM50 million through a news report on TV3’s Buletin Utama on Aug 2, 2013 and he relayed it to me.

“We then discussed the matter before Karpal made a draft and lodged a police report on the claim,” he said, adding that the articles in Utusan referred to bribery. Anwar, who is the plaintiff, said this during cross-examination by counsel Azhar Arman Ali who is representing the newspaper in Anwar’s defamation suit against Datuk Dr Mazlan Ismail, TV3 and Utusan Melayu for allegedly linking him in a bribery attempt involving the judiciary and the Attorney-General’s Chambers.

Anwar, who is also the de facto leader of opposition pact Pakatan Harapan, disagreed with a suggestion by Azhar that the publication of the articles did not impact his political career. Anwar, who is represented by lawyer Sangeet Kaur, who is Karpal’s daughter, filed the suit on Oct 15, 2015, claiming that Mazlan was responsible for TV3 carrying the report at 8pm on Aug 2, 2013 and that he had also caused the alleged defamatory words to be published in an Utusan Malaysiaarticle the next day.

The former Permatang Pauh MP, who is currently serving a five-year jail sentence for sodomy, filed the suit against Mazlan on Oct 15, 2015, claiming the defendant had made a slanderous and malicious statement against him at a media conference, which could be taken to mean that he was a person without ethics, was corrupt, dishonest and immoral.

Anwar is seeking general, aggravated and exemplary damages and injunction to stop the defendant from repeating or re-publishing the defamatory words. Mazlan was the Barisan Nasional’s cadidate for the Permatang Pauh seat in the 13th General Election held on May 2013. He lost. The trial presided by judicial commissioner Datin Faizah Jamaludin continues on Thursday. — Bernama

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