Salleh: Malaysia Seen As a Model For Peace And Stability



KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 24 – Malaysia has remained peaceful since independence as a result of the implementation of policies that take into account the interests of all the people in the country, said Communications and Multimedia Minister Datuk Seri Dr Salleh Said Keruak.

He said policies were formulated to create continuous peace, stability and prosperity, and the people of all races and religions always felt safe and were able to enjoy the benefits of development provided by the government.

“We opt for moderate policies. We don’t practice extreme ideology, but an ideology that is moderate so that we can ascertain that with unity in the country, our country will continue to progress,” he said on his blog at

Salleh noted that the philosophy ‘1Malaysia’, and recently ‘Negaraku’, were a continuation of previous policies by the government to instil the feeling of togetherness and brotherhood among Malaysia’s diverse society to preserve and maintain unity among them.

The minister said that foreign visitors to the country also appreciated what they got to experience in Malaysia. “If you were to ask tourists what they like about Malaysia, they would reply the diversity of Malaysia’s food, culture and races and the peace and stability that have been achieved in spite of it,” Salleh added. — Bernama

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