Penang Flooded With Anti-Guan Eng Posters



GEORGE TOWN, Mar 20 – Penang was flooded with posters deriding Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng pasted all over places of interest on the island and mainland overnight.

The posters mainly found in Northeast district states “Boasting Pakatan Harapan”. The posters, mostly in Chinese and some in English, read: “51 empty promises, after 10 years” including a Chinese euphemism, “big cannon”, which meant big liar.

The A5-sized posters show an image of Lim with graphic design of flash floods, traffic congestion and hill developments in its background. It claims that Lim had failed to live up to expectations after the opposition took over Penang.

In Butterworth, a passerby who saw two men on motorcycles pasting the seized the posters from them. The two men did not put up a fight and left without a fuss. State DAP chairman and exco Chow Kon Yeow took to social media and vented his frustration over the matter.

“Poster wars against Chief Minister all over the state last night and early this morning. I would not be surprised if paid advertisements slamming the Penang government appear in local newspapers.

“They have so much monies and resources to kill us and grab Penang back. DAP and Pakatan Harapan leaders, members and supporters must not underestimate their resolve to grab back Penang.

“That is why BN leaders are so sure that Teng Chang Yeow will be the next Chief Minister. As usual, DAP will run a clean campaign to highlight our achievements the last ten years. It is the people who will have to decide, ” he wrote on social media. — PN

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