BANGKOK, Apr 14 – The police have derailed an attempt to smuggle 125kg of ‘ice’ (crystal methamphetamine) into Malaysia via Sungai Golok which separates the border between Kelantan and southern Thailand.

A police team manning a security checkpoint in Kreeyor-Kholohtuvor Road near the Thai side of the narrow river seized the drug worth about 125 million Baht (about RM16 million) from a pick-up truck last Monday.

The 46-year-old driver of the vehicle was detained to facilitate investigations. Police Region 9 Commissioner, Lt Gen Ronasilp Phusara said the suspect told police investigators he was instructed to deliver the drug to a buyer who was scheduled to be waiting on the Malaysian side of the river.

“The man from Narathiwat also told the police that he was to have been paid 30,000 Baht (RM3,800) for his task (of delivering the ‘ice’). We are looking for four other men, believed to be the suspect’s accomplices, who escaped the police dragnet,” he said.

Meanwhile, Narathiwat police chief, Maj Gen Manus Siksamut said the success of the police operation was the result of intelligence received by the authorities of an impending major drug transaction within the area during that time.

“We set up a mobile security checkpoint in the area and managed to stop the truck and arrest its driver,” he said, adding that the police knew the identities of those involved in the drug network and would track them down. — Bernama

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