CAP: Get Traffic Offenders To Sweep Roads, Wash Public Toilets



GEORGE TOWN, Jun 8 – Compulsory community work in full view of the public by performing tasks such as sweeping roads and washing public restrooms for a period of not less than a week, similar to those practised in Singapore in its “Corrective Work Order” policy will be a good “antidote” for traffic offenders, according to the Consumers Association of Penang (CAP).

In a press conference here today, CAP president SM Mohamed Idris pointed out that issuing summonses on violators is inefficient to significantly reduce the number of road offences and therefore urged the government to develop better solutions. He also called on the government to impose hard-hitting punishments on those who flout safety laws that potentially lead to fatalities.

He lamented that reports of road deaths often dominated the news during festive holidays, most of which could have been avoided if they had followed the relevant rules in place. According to CAP, over half a million cases of accidents were recorded in Malaysia since 2017, and 6,740 of which involved casualties.

“The scenario of road fatalities in Malaysia has become so serious that it is akin to a life-threatening illness like cancer … it can hit anyone. Practically everyone on the road is a potential victim. In light of this, we view with utmost concern and distress the news of road users losing their lives even before the Hari Raya festive holidays begin,” he said.

He said all vehicles must also be subjected to vigorous checks and enforcement for compliance to relevant safety standards so as to ensure that accidents due to defective, sub-standard or worn-out components are minimised and even eliminated altogether. — Bernama

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