Final Year Premiere 2018 CTRL + S by Year 3 Semester 1 Broadcasting Students of Han Chiang University College of Communication



GEORGETOWN, Jun 23 – The final year broadcasting students from Diploma in Mass Communication of Han Chiang University College of Communication (HCUCC) hold a press conference in Msogo Co. Workspace, Penang to officially announce the Final Year Premiere 2018 CTRL+S.

The screening, CTRL+S which is in partnership with Performing Arts Centre of Penang and in collaboration with Cuckoo International (MAL) Sdn. Bhd. will be held on 13th July 2018 (Friday) from 6.00 p.m. to 11.00 p.m. The estimated number of audience is approximately 300 including lecturers and VIPs.

The tickets are sold at RM25 (including refreshment), and the profits gained will be used to purchase filming equipment which will be donated to HCUCC for benefits of their juniors. 

The premiere will broadcast the students’ projects throughout the semester which include short films and TV Commercials. Similar screenings have been held in the past few years to showcase the talents of broadcasting students and to develop deeper appreciation for filming.

The event will also present several awards including Best Short Film Award, Most Favourable Short Film and 3 prizes on TV Commercial. CTRL+S has been chosen as the name for the Final Year Premiere 2018 to signify a combination of advanced technology and the imperfection of our theme.

CTRL+S is a shortcut key which means save, the letter “CTRL” are used as the representative of the 4 broadcasting elements: cinematography, timing, render and lighting. The “imperfection” indicates the students need to be confident in their delivered ideas and message through their own style as students’ creativity and ideas might not satisfy every audience. 

“The theme thus signifies that nothing will be prefect in terms of productions and audience no matter how advanced the technology is. Therefore, we need to “save” our goal and keep our dream alive in mind even after entering the workforce,” said the President of Final Year Premiere 2018 CTRL+S.

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