KUALA LUMPUR, Jun 23 – Tan Sri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil today announced her retirement from politics after spending 39 years in the arena. She told reporters at the Putra World Trade Centre today. Nevertheless, she said she would remain in UMNO as an ordinary member.

“In politics, we must know when to leave. I have been around for a long time. I feel that for me, I must know when to leave. I have been leading the Wanita UMNO for nine years and 11 years as a minister, which is a long and satisfying period. This is the time for me to leave to make way for younger, fresher faces.”

“I hope that under the new leadership, Wanita UMNO will continue the struggle to mainstreaming women in the political field,” she told reporters at the Kepong Wanita UMNO division delegates meeting at Putra World Trade Centre here.

Shahrizat is not defending her position as Wanita chief in today’s UMNO party election and has relinquished all party posts at the branch, division and national levels. Meanwhile, Shahrizat welcomed a proposal by UMNO presidential candidate Khairy Jamaluddin to introduce a vice-president post for a woman in the party.

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