PTPTN Loan Waived Just By Paying Bills!



KUALA LUMPUR, May 29 – Malaysia has more than RM40 billion in student debt with more than 2million students whom have relied on PTPTN to fund their tertiary studies from the year 1997 till today. With such a big number, it is evident that some struggle to finance their education and are in dire need of help especially when it comes to achieving finance stability and repaying student debts. Such a phenomenon poses a threat to the economy too as loans, in hindsight, must be paid back. identified this alarming issue and sought out to create opportunities for Malaysians to pay their PTPTN student loans.

Being an advocate for youth empowerment and holding on to their mission in being the world’s leading youth enrichment provider, strives to give the youth a platform to explore and access incredible opportunities. Upon realising how the issue of PTPTN loans were negatively impacting the economy and the youths, they collaborated with PTPTN and GoPay in 2018 to launch the first ever PTPTN Debt Free Competition 2019!

PTPTN holders were encouraged to download the GoPay application and conduct the highest amount of transactions in terms of bills, top-ups, postpaid and other monthly utility payments. With such a simple mechanism, a total of 2,574 individuals participated in this initiative and enjoyed up to 15% discounts on all their transactions. The winner for the competition however, stood a chance to have all of their student loans with PTPTN cleared off by

“Time and again, we’ve seen this issue on our media outlets and some are simply breathing with their necks above water – they can’t afford to pay. The least we can do as a platform for youth empowerment is to create more opportunities for them to find success. This program took place to further educate the youths on finance management by encouraging them to pay their bills and at the same time, ease their burdens,” said Jazz Tan, CEO of

Amongst the 2,574 Malaysians who participated in this contest, one took the limelight with more than 10,974 transactions made via the GoPay application. At 24 years old, Looi Pek Chuan, a graduate from UTAR Sg Long was awarded as the winner of the competition. Due to the amount of transactions made, Looi had her student loan with PTPTN amounting to RM33,709.19 fully sponsored and taken care of by the youth platform.

“I was beyond thrilled when I found out I won this competition! My parents have done so much for me and I felt like this was the least I could do to help myself. This was an opportunity for us students to be more aware of managing our finances and at the same time, clear off our debts. It feels like something has been lifted off of my shoulders and I have no one else to thank to but the organisers of this competition,” said Looi Pek Chuan.

It was also reported that Looi was working in Pulau Pangkor when she heard of this initiative. She made a tour around the island to get all her friends, family, neighbours and even complete strangers to pay their bills via her account on the e-commerce app. Her dedication and persistence in finding more ways to increase her transactions proved to be an effort she will always remember.

As the main organiser of the initiative, has always played a part in empowering the youths but this time; they went above and beyond to spread more awareness on finance and self growth. The organisation has its eyes set on making a difference in Malaysia and is ecstatic to find more ways to aid the youth in their development for the years to come. is currently in the midst of planning this program once more for the year 2019-2020 with other co-organisers. For those interested in getting on top of their finances and find more ways to battle their student loans, you may download the GoPay application and insert the coupon code ‘PTPTN’ upon registration. Those who do will be able to enjoy a cashback of up to 15% on all their bills.

Photo By: YToday Sdn Bhd

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