Petronas Celebrates Festival Of Lights With Deepavali Webfilm ‘Thanggam’



KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 23 – PETRONAS ushers in the Festival of Lights with the launch of its latest Deepavali Webfilm ‘Thanggam’ on 22 October 2019, anchoring on its 2019 festive theme, Anugerah Kita (Our Blessings).

Featuring Kumar, a familiar face in several PETRONAS festive Webfilms this year, ‘Thanggam’ – loosely translated as “my precious” takes us on a journey into Kumar’s past 10 years, retracing the key coming-of-age moments that shaped him into the lovable character that he is today.

An urban millennial youngster, Kumar faces his formidable Paati (grandmother in Tamil) and experiences cultural, linguistic and generational shock that seems impossible to overcome.

PETRONAS Senior General Manager of Group Strategic Communications, Zahariah (Liza) Abdul Rahman said: “The Webfilm is an exploration of our cultural identities, traditions and what it means to be Malaysian.

“In this Webfilm, PETRONAS hopes that its storyline will continue to enlighten us on our similarities, despite our differences – choosing to focus on what can bring us closer instead of what can keep us apart. The ‘togetherness’ as Malaysians is a blessing that makes us all a family, regardless of our background.”

Liza added that ‘Thanggam’ marks PETRONAS’ sixth festive web film for the year and she encourages viewers to be on the look-out for familiar faces from previous films in this Webfilm.

“Everyone’s story is inter-connected and inter-related, just like our own. I think it will be a fun exercise to let the viewers guess correctly what these relationships and connections are in our Anugerah Kita cinematic universe,” added Liza.

Embedded in all PETRONAS festive Webfilms this year, Anugerah Kita invites Malaysians from all walks of life to reflect, cherish and share the blessings bestowed upon us — thanks to our rich history, multicultural unity and colourful traditions, celebrated uniquely with a Malaysian flair.

The Webfilm is now available for viewing on PETRONAS’ YouTube channel. The 60-second commercial version will be aired on TV and in cinemas from 23 October – 3 November 2019.  

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