KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 9 – As the general populace increasingly demands for proper food preparation processes, industries are continuously looking to improve food safety management systems to deliver safe food to the consumers’ table. Over the years, Rentokil has understood this need and brought countless of new pest management innovations to the market, and our efforts have culminated into PestConnect.

The PestConnect system is an ecosystem of wireless devices, connected to one another through the use of an internet connection. This system allows for remote monitoring in customer premises and collects pest activity data up to 200 devices. This data is then uploaded onto myRentokil for our customer to check at their convenience.

The PestConnect system provides customers with 24/7 monitoring, rapid responses and total visibility in data transparency. As connected solutions are the future in better pest management, Rentokil has continuously enhanced the PestConnect system to stay one step ahead of pests. In line with this, Rentokil is proud to launch the Rat Riddance Connect, the latest and most powerful arm of the PestConnect system.

Rat Riddance Connect is a spring-driven snap trap incorporating sensors and wireless connectivity. It is able to identify whether the trap was activated by a rat or otherwise and digitally communicates the status for prompt action by Rentokil pest control technician.

PestConnect and Rat Riddance Connect are fully integrated with the Rentokil customer portal, myRentokil. This provides 24/7 monitoring of pest activity and reporting capabilities, interactive site plans, in depth analytic tools and site recommendations. This enables customers to meet their local legislation and audit requirements.

Carol Lam, Managing Director for Rentokil Malaysia, Philippines and Brunei commented, “The Rat Riddance Connect is our latest innovation to provide our commercial customers a non-toxic solution in the control of rats on their premises. Our customers have access to data such as catchments, pest activities, and historical trends all through myRentokil which PestConnect is directly integrated with.”

The new device gives an additional level of pest protection in high risk areas, preventing infestations, cross contamination, and supporting legislative and auditing requirements. Rat Riddance Connect and PestConnect system grants our customers unrivalled protection against pests and safeguards their reputation and customer perception. Furthermore, the Rat Riddance Connect is only the first of many connected solutions. Many new innovations will be arriving to Malaysian shores in the days to come.