I started as a hobbyist photographer, I was facing some storage issues as the numbers of photographs I took increases, I tried several ways to increase the capacity storage but the result was not what I was expecting. Back then I was using desktop internal storage, it was really inefficient because I need to continuously upgrade the hard disk with higher capacity and recopy all my files regularly.

Later on, I changed to external hard drive. As time goes by, as my data size was growing more, I added up with several external drives, which made me difficult to find and retrieve the files and it wasted a lot of my times, switching one external hard disk to another trying to find specified images. There are several incidents where the hard drive was corrupted and it cost me a lot to recover the files.

And so, I went to several computer retailers to look for some solutions and finally one recommended me a good solution, the Synology NAS DS1515+ which sorted out my storage problems.

When I started to use Synology DS1515+, it was a bit strange for me as I didn’t expect a server grade storage with so many functions would be friendly to use for a home user like me. This Synology NAS enables me to centralize all documents, photos and videos from the past until today so it helps me search back the old photos and videos easily.

Soon after I created a Photojournalist Agency employing an editor, two videographers, one photographer and me as the key Photojournalist.

As the agency business pickup, I faced backup problems as I cannot synchronise the media backup from my staff computer. Then I decided replace all the computer with iMac and MacBook Pro and use the Apple Time Machine backup solution, which resolve all my backup issued as Synology also supports integration with Apple Time Machine Backup, help to streamline all the backup process.

Furthermore, I have difficulties on organising and sharing media files. The Synology DS1515+ has helped me to properly organise the folder structure as well as media sharing.

Even with Synology DS1515+, I still have to deal with photos and videos uploading traffic congestion especially during media peak hour, particularly during breaking news.

With Synology DS1618+ perform substantially better uploading of photos and videos for distribution once an event is done for submitting to our clients which is News and Photo Agency for them to redistribute to others news outlets (Their Clients).

Distribution of images to News and Photo Agency via FTP using Photo Mechanic which is a Front-End Photo Ingesting Software, enable my clients (News and Photo Agency) to efficiently manage and downloads the images for publication and redistribution to their clients.

Whereas for individual clients, they able to access the file inside Synology File Station via Shared Link viewing and downloading media files that they require. Administrator can easily control the download access.

The past experience with Synology DS1515+ which I personally use for my home, I found out that by upgrading to Synology DS1618+ it helped to improve towards my workflow, as enables me to expand up to 32GB of RAM as well may add 10GbE Network Card, which speedup not only the NAS system but also the transfer speed as in uploading and downloading via LAN when I’m in office and FTP when I’m on the go.

As an On-The-Go Photographer, I remotely access my NAS using FTP protocols and/or QuickConnect to upload and manage the media files for publishing and distributing to my clients without going back to office or delay.

Comparing with other offering such as Google Drive, Synology NAS DS1618+ have better user login management enable stronger user control. Streamlining both the management and workflow saving a lot of time, with smoother workflow and more privacy control.

This Synology NAS DS1618+ not only helps to resolve the workflow problems but also help to resolve the storage. Synology NAS DS1618+ build with 6 Bays which each bay you may insert up to 16TB (Currently maximum available on the market) of storage which bring total of 96TB of Storage and it’s scalable up to another 10 Drives with two Synology DX517 Expansion Unit which connect via eSATA Port for additional up to 160TB of scalable expansion storage with total storage more than 250TB images and videos storage without having to worry about the costly third-party storage and privacy issue in the long run. Furthermore the additional bays in the Synology DX517 are plug and play, ensuring that storage and services on the Synology NAS DS1618+ are not interrupted during online volume expansion.

This Synology NAS also come with numerous software packages in various categories to help increase productivity and management. In business category packages offering such as Synology Drive and web base Synology Office which can be access through Phone, Tablet and PC to create, edit and sync the documents. Most importantly, all of the above software doesn’t require license fees.

I would like to thank Synology for letting me review their Synology NAS DS1618+. I personally had been using Synology NAS DS1515+ since 2015, which had help me resolved my storage and sharing issues.