PETALING JAYA, 10 FEBRUARY – The Malaysian Football League (MFL), in cooperation with Ingres Technologies Sdn Bhd (Ingres), a leading Information Technology company specialising in software development, integration systems, and telecommunication infrastructure, will launch a Malaysian football application called Shoot! According to the MFL’s Chief Executive Officer, Dato’ Ab Ghani Hassan, the Liga Malaysia organiser welcomes Ingres’ arrival in the local football scene with a five-year agreement beginning 2021 which will see the company act as the application’s developer.

Dato’ Ab Ghani explained, he believes that the Shoot! application will be a welcome addition to Liga Malaysia in line with the flow of modern technology, where information and digital content is available at your fingertips. “This application will offer all the latest Malaysian football news, information, and content in one app. He added that he was optimistic that this announcement will please local football fans who will soon be able to enjoy content and information not only about Liga Malaysia, but also domestic football developments, including the national team.

“Working together with Ingres, MFL want to ensure that every fan is able to follow the latest updates, whereby the technology available in this app can allow all football fans to get information not only about Liga Malaysia teams, but even e-MFL, men’s and womens’ national teams, beach football, futsal as well as other competitions organised by FAM. “Via the Shoot! app, fans can select their favourite team where they will then be offered all information about that team, as well as live match statistics, e-commerce, and more.

“Through this channel, the relationship between fans and their favourite teams will become closer where fans will get rewarded whenever they use the Shoot! app. “MFL hope that this partnership with Ingres will bring local football fans closer and provide the best content and information to them via this app,” he said in a press statement. According to Ingres Technologies Chief Executive Officer, Dato’ Emil Rinaldi Sjaiful, he believes that the digital ecosystem plays a very important role in understanding Malaysian football fans in detail. The application of data in organisations is the key to increasing competitiveness in the age of rapid digitalisation.

“Ingres, with the cooperation of MFL, is committed in leading this Malaysian football application, where various information and unique content will be available in order to fulfil the fans’ wishes which aren’t just limited to football action, but also includes more entertaining elements as well as extraordinary fan engagement. I hope that this application complements the fan’s local football watching experience while holistically helping the football ecosystem to continue growing with more sophisticated technology.” In addition, Dato’ Ab Ghani asserted that the Shoot! app can also serve as a new source of income generation for Liga Malaysia clubs, other than via sponsorship, ticket sales, or merchandise.

“The revenue share with clubs will see this app help Liga Malaysia teams generate income, whereby this is just one of the channels to assist the clubs as we expand the potential of this app in the future,” he added. The pre-launch of the Shoot! app will be held at the end of February, while Malaysian football fans will have the opportunity to explore the Shoot! app by downloading it on all smart phones with an Android or iOS operating system at the end of March.

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