TOKYO, Feb 25 – The transition to PCIe® 4.0 is in full swing, and Kioxia Corporation, a world leader in memory solutions, is leading the way forward. Today, the company announced that its lineup of KIOXIA CM6 and CD6 Series PCIe® 4.0 NVM Express™ (NVMe) enterprise and data center solid state drives (SSDs) have gained compatibility approval with Super Micro Computer, Inc. (Supermicro)’s PCIe® 4.0-based platforms, including a wide range of enterprise-ready rackmount systems encompassing Ultra, WIO, BigTwin, FatTwin, SuperBlade, 1U/2U NVMe™ all flash arrays, GPU accelerated systems and SuperWorkstations. Users are moving to NVMe™ SSDs to address the demands of enterprise performance requirements, cloud-based data center architectures, and performance-centric and latency-sensitive applications.

At the center of this movement is heightened demand for NVMe™-based storage where PCIe® 4.0 is the latest performance upgrade, and Kioxia’s CM6 and CD6 Series SSDs are delivering these enhanced capabilities. While NVMe™ SSDs are penetrating server platforms at an increased pace, interoperability between the two cannot be taken for granted. Kioxia’s commitment to bringing innovations to customers includes ensuring that the customers’ data storage will work as expected, and Kioxia collaborates with suppliers like Supermicro to ensure proper operation and full functionality.

KIOXIA CM6 Enterprise SSDs are based on 96-layer BiCS FLASH™ 3D flash memory, the CM6 Series of dual-port PCIe® 4.0/ NVMe™ SSDs is available in 2.5-inch (15 mm Z-height) form factor with capacities up to 30.72 TB. These SSDs feature Power Loss Protection (PLP) and offer a range of security/encryption options. KIOXIA CD6 Data Center SSDs are PCIe® / NVMe™ SSDs suitable for scale-out and cloud applications, available in a 2.5-inch form factor and a capacity lineup of up to 15.36TB

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