PENANG, September 22 – The Mengkuang Dam in Seberang Prai Tengah will be re-opened to the public from 7.00am tomorrow. However, only people who show that they are “fully vaccinated” and carry a “safe” risk status in the MySejahtera app will be allowed to enter the dam premise. In this context, “fully vaccinated” status means a person has received two vaccination injections, and 14 days have passed since the second injection. A person’s “fully vaccinated” status is shown in his/her MySejahtera app “Check-in” page.

This new rule is also applicable to all potential visitors to the other public recreation areas managed by Perbadanan Bekalan Air Pulau Pinang Sdn Bhd (PBAPP) in Penang: Air Itam Dam, Teluk Bahang Dam and Bukit Dumbar Park. Please be advised that PBAPP auxiliary police personnel will ask all potential visitors to show a “fully vaccinated” status on their mobile devices prior to every entry. The “fully vaccinated” status is a non-negotiable condition: those who cannot show a “fully vaccinated status” will be denied entry.

Moreover, only persons with the following “safe” risk statuses (as shown in the MySejahtera app “Check-in” page) will be allowed to enter the premises:

  • “LOW RISK”

People with the following “unsafe” statuses should not attempt to visit any public recreation area managed PBAPP: Mengkuang Dam, Air Itam Dam, Teluk Bahang Dam and Bukit Dumbar Park:


The 3 key reasons for the implementation of these new entry conditions are:

  • PBAPP must comply with national rules and regulations in opening recreation areas to the public in Penang. Kindly note that the Mengkuang Dam had been closed by the Seberang Prai Tengah Health Office for 7 days, from 15.9.2021, following an order issued under the Prevention and Control of Contagious Diseases Act 1988.
  • PBAPP opens its dams and Bukit Dumbar Park as a public service, to accommodate healthy people who wish to pursue healthy recreational activities. However, we do not wish to further spread the Covid-19 pandemic in the Penang environment.
  • Public health and safety is our paramount consideration. “Our guests” who are “fully vaccinated” and who carry “safe” risk statuses should be kept as safe as possible while they enjoy healthy pursuits in PBAPP-managed public recreation facilities.

PBAPP’s other public safety rules and regulations include:

  • Limiting the maximum number of visitors to 200 persons at any one time (350 persons at any one time for the Mengkuang Dam);
  • Mandatory registration using the “MySejahtera” app;
  • Individual temperature scanning at entry points (those with a reading of 37.5ºC and above will be not allowed to enter);
  • Individuals who are 17 years old and below are only allowed to enter the dam area with their parent(s); with the condition that the parent(s) are be fully vaccinated;
  • Physical distancing of 3m to 5m; and
  • Activities which may cause large gathering of individuals/visitors leading to difficulty in physical distancing and adherence to the instructions by the Director General of Health are strictly prohibited.

The Mengkuang Dam, Air Itam Dam, Teluk Bahang Dam and Bukit Dumbar Park will be open from 7.00am to 7.00pm daily. Visitors must  comply with all conditions for entry and follow the instructions of our personnel for their own safety. As far as possible, PBAPP intends to provide the people of Penang with access to refreshing recreational facilities. However, if these facilities are “shut down” by the authorities, we cannot allow the public to enter. As such, if you are a public visitor, please make good use of our recreation facilities safely and responsibly, during a time of a global pandemic.