PUTRAJAYA, September 26 – Payment of Malaysian Family Caring Assistance (ACA) Phase 3 and ACA appeals will be credited into the recipient’s account from 28 September 2021 in stages and is expected to be completed on 30 September 2021. This payment will benefit a total of 3.6 million existing recipients in the household category and approved ACA appeal applicants. The phase 3 payment and the ACA appeal will involve an allocation of RM2.82 billion.

For phase 3, each recipient will receive up to RM1,400, while the recipient of the ACA appeal fee will receive up to RM2,300 including additional ACA payments under the Strategic Program to Empower the People and Additional Economy (PEMERKASA+) worth up to RM500 per recipient, depending on eligibility category respectively based on marital status, total household income and number of children.

This phase 3 payment is the full disbursement of the remaining value that the ACA recipients should have received and the ACA’s appeal to ease their burden. The Government remains committed to ensuring the well-being of Malaysian families, especially the target groups affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Among others, some cash assistance such as COVID-19 Special Assistance (BKC) and Loss of Income Assistance (BKP) will be given to eligible recipients. The aid payment is scheduled to be channeled in October to December 2021.

Further details on the payment of ACA Phase 3i will be detailed by the Ministry of Finance. Malaysian families can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) on the ACA’s official portal, https://bpr.hasil.gov.my for more information.

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