PUTRAJAYA, October 15 – Based on the daily COVID-19 positive case report reported by the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH), the country recorded the number of cases below 10,000 cases a day for two consecutive weeks. The infectious rate or R-naught also continued to decline by registering a figure below the 1.0 level of 0.86. As of yesterday, the vaccination rate of the adult population for the first dose was 95% while the number who received two doses of the vaccine was 91.2% and is expected to continue to increase. The Pandemic Management Special Committee meeting today agreed to allow a phase transition for the following states effective October 18, 2021:

• Kelantan, Perak, Penang, Sabah and Kedah from Phase 2 to Phase 3.

• Melaka and Klang Valley (WP Putrajaya, WP Kuala Lumpur, Selangor) from Phase 3 to Phase 4.

This phase transition follows the guidelines set by the National Rehabilitation Plan (VAT) and the percentage of complete vaccination rate of the adult population. With the phase transition for the stated states, Malaysia as a whole is now moving into Phase 3. Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for states entering Phases 3 and 4 can be browsed on the official website of the National Security Council (NSC) www.mkn.gov.my. Apart from that, among the other rulings that were also decided today are:

1. Rest and Rehabilitation (R&R) operations on all highways in the country are allowed to operate for full 24 hours starting tomorrow, 16 October 2021.

2. E-hailing vehicles are allowed to pick up passengers based on vehicle seat capacity for all Phases of the National Recovery Plan (VAT) starting tomorrow, 16 October 2021.

3. Reduction of the Period of Surveillance and Observation Order for travelers from abroad is effective on Monday, 18 October 2021.

  • 7 -day quarantine period at home (if applicable) or quarantine station for travelers with complete vaccination,
  • 10 -day quarantine period at the quarantine station for travelers without/incomplete vaccination.

4. Reduction of the Period of Surveillance and Observation Order for Close Contact is also effective on Monday, 18 October 2021.

  • A 7 -day quarantine period at home for those who have been fully vaccinated,
  • Quarantine period of 10 days at home for those who are not/are not fully vaccinated.

5. The opening of the Cyber ​​Center and Cyber ​​Cafe Services was agreed with the following capacity coordination effective 17 October 2021:

  • 80% capacity for Phase 3 and;
  • 100% capacity for Phase 4.

SOP for the implementation of overseas tourism for the purpose of umrah which was presented at the Pandemic Management Technical Working Group Meeting dated 27 September 2021 was gazetted in accordance with the announcement of cross -state and national permissions starting 11 October 2021. Accordingly, pilgrims are allowed to perform umrah in accordance with the abolition decision MyTravelPass requirements to go abroad. This permission is effective October 18, 2021.

Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions (MICE) are allowed in VAT Phase 3 states face to face, involving individuals who have been fully vaccinated effective 18 October 2021 with the following conditions;

  • Perform COVID-19 screening test (pre-event test) through saliva test or RTK-Antigen method,
  • Comply with physical incarceration
  • Wear a face mask
  • 50% capacity by space

The meeting agreed to implement a pilot test and release (T&R) protocol program with strict and limited travel conditions or itineraries for official visits to identified groups of travelers, namely:

  • Head of State
  • Minister
  • Deputy minister
  • President
  • Chief Minister
  • State Government Exco
  • Members of Parliament
  • Government officials

The implementation of this pilot program will be effective October 18, 2021 and will be extended to business travelers in the near future.  Among the conditions imposed are:

  • Submit the application within the prescribed period together with supporting documents to the NSC and MOH for approval.
  • Undergo PCR test 3 days before leaving for Malaysia.
  • Undergo PCR testing upon arrival at any entry point of the country.

These conditions are limited to travelers arriving from low-risk countries only. This condition also applies to individuals who have been completely vaccinated. The government calls on the people to take full advantage of these concessions with full discipline and a sense of responsibility. Adhere to every SOP set, wear a face mask, practice physical confinement and always maintain personal hygiene and safety.