PENANG, January 4 – School of Communication, USM has launched the Self-love and Empowerment Campaign named YOUphoria. This campaign will run from 28th November 2021 to 17th January 2022 and will be entirely conducted online.

The campaign’s main purpose is to educate youth aged 15 to 30 about the importance of self-care and empowerment, encourages youth to participate in self-care activities, and motivates youth to make positive lifestyle choices.

Final-year students majoring in Persuasive Communication at the School of Communication, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) organised the YOUphoria campaign to inspire a healthy and well-cared-for community, as well as to guide and encourage positive changes by balancing one’s mental, emotional, and physical needs.

To encourage individuals to value themselves more, the campaign’s organisers created the tagline “Starts with YOU”, which is a continuation of our YOUphoria campaign that focuses on “YOU”, the people who are having difficulty loving and appreciating themselves. This is in line with the concept of self-love and empowerment, in which we encourage people to work on themselves in order to achieve the amount of happiness they deserve.

To make this self-love and empowerment awareness campaign more enjoyable, the organisers provide a variety of online events such as a webinar, a body positivity workshop, an online diary writing competition, and a short video compilation challenge.

One of the campaign’s numerous attractions is a special webinar called “YOU Shine,” which will include a motivational speaker Farhaan Rahmat and our School of communication USM’s Alumni Miss Sanglisha Kunasakeran (2nd runner-up Miss World Malaysia) as a representative of our panel.

Every day is a battle of self when fighting the struggle against your own beliefs, stigma, lack of confidence, and normalisation culture of cyberbullying. This campaign’s goal is to be able to reach out to the audience and encourage them to work on themselves in order to achieve the amount of happiness they deserve, as well as to allow them to empathise with the issue and participate in the campaign’s message narration.

The campaign was officially launched on YOUphoria’s official social media platform on 28th November 2021. Join the events hosted by the School of Communication at Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) during the campaign to show your support. Please go to the following website for additional information:

Facebook: @YOUphoriaUSM
Instagram: @youphoriausm