PUTRAJAYA, January 27 – The National Statistics and Data Council (MSDN) held its first meeting in Putrajaya today. The council acts as the highest advisory body in providing guidance and direction to strengthen the governance of the national statistical system.
Among the decisions made in today’s meeting are:

  • DOSM is strengthened as a central agency with organizational strengthening and modernization of statistical services.
  • Chief Data Officer (CDO) will be appointed through the reassignment of existing officers in each Ministry/ Department/ Federal and State Agency starting in 2022 in stages.
  • Implementation of the action plan for Strengthening the National Statistics System.

Data is a national asset that needs to be managed well in order to provide a large return to the country in the form of information that can provide guidelines towards the achievement of policy goals and national vision.

The diversity of information at the national level is critical to coordinate. The health crisis and natural disasters that hit the country also demand the need for more comprehensive, concise and integrated data availability.

It will spearhead efforts to coordinate the highest levels of national information (government and private), channel the latest data and harmonize statistical work processes.

MSDN is comprised of relevant Cabinet ministers, academics, representatives of the public sector, the private sector and industry as well as the Department of Statistics Malaysia (DOSM) which acts as the Secretariat. The members of the MSDN Supreme Council are as in Appendix 1.

In addition, an Executive Committee chaired by the Chief Secretary to the Government was established to drive collaboration between ministries and agencies as well as the private sector in realizing the agenda guided by the direction of MSDN.

The four Clusters have been identified as driving components under the Executive Committee are as in Appendix 2.
The role of the Executive Committee is to identify and determine priorities to meet the needs of strengthening the national statistical system.

It will also coordinate the technical requirements, collection and dissemination of statistics so that the sharing of existing data (administrative data) from ministries, public and private agencies can be used efficiently towards the production of high -impact official statistical output in realizing the agenda guided by MSDN.

To support the MSDN at the Federal level, the State/ Regional Statistics and Data Council (MSDNgW) will be established in each state and Federal Territory to strengthen the governance of the state and district statistical system up to the smallest level such as Parliamentary and State Legislative Assembly constituencies as in the Appendix.

MSDN also notes that DOSM as an internationally recognized statistical organization adheres to the Fundamental Principle of Official Statistics (FPOS) provided by the United Nations (UN). This is to ensure that official statistics are credible and with integrity.

It is intended that the establishment of MSDN will be able to provide a positive impact, including ensuring the availability of more holistic data in formulating short -term and long -term national policies for the well -being of Malaysian families.

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